Ardea Purpurea Lodge

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Accommodation – Standard Double Room

Ardea Purpurea’s double rooms stand out for their natural light and simple but exquisite décor. They have been furnished with high-quality, local, artisan materials such as esparto, timber and recycled wood. The quality of the materials, the comfort of the beds and the openness welcome you and invite you to rest and disconnect.

The layout boasts a small entrance, a bathroom with a shower, a twenty-four metre squared bedroom and a terrace with views of the lake which is situated inside the resort. Here you can find different species of birds, galapagos and other animals including ducks, which come to wake you up in the morning as they waddle past your bedroom.

Wi-Fi, a minibar, a television and air-conditioning are available in all double rooms. We are environmentally friendly as we use LED technology and promote responsible energy consumption.

We have ten standard double rooms available in Ardea Purpurea Lodge. These are the most economic rooms on offer at the Hotel.

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Maison "Marismeña"

La Choza Marismeña (Villa) à Ardea Purpurea Lodge Doñana, est le type de chambre le plus spacieux de tout l'hébergement. L'hôtel dispose de 6 maisons Marismeñas (Villa) avec une capacité de 4 ou 6 personnes. Nos maisons sont composées de salle de séjour avec coin cuisine, deux chambres avec 2 lits chacune, grenier avec deux lits, salle de bains et terrasse. Situé autour de la piscine, dans le jardin de l'hôtel, avec de grandes étendues de pelouse et de ses terrasses, il y a des vues agréables au milieu de la nature, qui invitent à la détente et à la déconnexion. Toutes les cabanes de Marismeñas ont le wifi, la TV d'écran plat, le mini bar, les accessoires de cuisine de base. Pour souligner son amplitude, c'est une décoration simple mais chaleureuse, la chaleur du bois qui a servi à la construction, les plafonds, etc., les maisons font 60 m2 chacune.

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Choza Marismeña Superior

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The Igloo House

The “Igloo” House, almost forty squared in size, has a beautiful bathroom and an open-plan bedroom and living area, making the room feel spacious and open.
It is dome-shaped and was designed by the company Casas-Iglú, who built their first “Igloo” House in our Hotel. For us, this has been a great success as our guests who have stayed in the “Igloo” House have expressed a high level of satisfaction.
Reflecting the constructive style of the Hotel, the “Igloo” House has an exterior “castanet” roof, built by local craftsmen. It has been constructed in a traditional style using plant materials gathered from the marshes of Doñana.
The room includes a minibar, flat screen TV, Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and heating, among other facilities. We are sure you will have a pleasant stay and make wonderful memories in our “Igloo” House.

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