Ardea and the Bird Watching in Doñana

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Doñana is a wonderful place where hundreds of species coexist and by staying at our hotel you can discover its songs and flights.

With this package, created not only for bird and nature lovers, but also for those who want to enjoy the essence of Doñana, you will be able to rest in Ardea Purpurea and enjoy the tranquility that the environment offers, complementing your stay by taking carry out one of the most characteristic activities of the area: Bird Watching.


• 1 Night in a Double Room with Terrace and Lake Views

• Breakfast

• Exclusive Tour for Bird Watching in Doñana with Expert Guide and transportation from the hotel.

PRICE: € 87.50 / person (min. 2 people)

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Low Season Price. Package Subject to Availability.

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